Why do you Watch Surface?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why do you Watch Surface?

Please allow me to extend my encouragement for NBC to seriously consider continuing the excellent TV series "Surface". I cannot fully express my disappointment upon hearing of its cancellation.
I often hear general comments from viewers that there is not enough quality science fiction programming on television. And, more often than not, when a good series comes along it is prematurely terminated. Do you know what frustration that causes a significant part of the viewing audience? Please bring "Surface" back.
Thank you for the opportunity to present my input.
Fort Collins, Colorado

"When this show first came out, the plot and description sounded pretty lame and I never bothered adding it to my list of weekly TiVo recordings. At about episode 5 I noticed it was getting replayed on Sci-Fi so I queued up all the episodes and have been slowly drawn in to it's uniqueness and characters. I'm really sorry that it's done for the season because I feel like it really made my week to find 50 minutes to watch it because I became really hooked.

Well, I do believe that this show is probably one of the best shows out there right now and I'm glad NBC is taking a risk on a big budget when they could just round up a cast of idiots for the next reality show and spend less in a season than one episode of Surface.

What's driving me to watch this is that the focus is centered around characters and plot. The biggest misconception in Sci-Fi is that it's about science. No, it's about people and how they interact. The science is a mechanism of telling a story, but does not have to make the story.

Surface also does not contain fluff. The main component of most television shows is pure fluff. I consider fluff to be self contained episodes where the entire plot and storyline can be wrapped up in one (half) hour minus commercial breaks. Character advancement and continuity are not necessary for a non-dedicated viewer to understand the story.

Carrot on a stick storytelling is also not being heavily exploited in Surface. I hate television that answers every question with 3 new questions. I feel that Surface is advancing the plot and explaining what is/has happened without resorting to answering questions with more questions. While this does happen, it does not seem to be as bad as with other shows that I've seen do it in the past."


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